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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 N5100 EFS File


The EFS file is one of the most important files in all the smartphone, This file is responsible for everything that needs a connection such as Wifi, Bluetooth, NFC, It only gives you emergency calls, This EFS file makes your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 a phone and not a video game. Here In this article, we will provide you all download links for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 N5100 EFS File and how to install it on your Smartphone by Z3X BOX successfully.

The most common problem with EFS file is the loss of serial network ”IMEI” (the IMEI numbers are located the Below battery, and you can get it by calling *#06#), The IMEI has been converted to Null / Null or all numbers become zero.

What causes that lead to problems of EFS file:

Switch between custom ROM, This frequent mobility may affect damage on the EFS file, or when you install a new firmware with Odin program and check on Clear EFS in the left of the program, the ODIN will permanently delete the EFS file from the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 N5100, or problem of sending an update to the phone system by the company.

How to fix EFS file problems:

If you have installed a new ROM in your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 N5100 and have problems with the network, try to reinstall the official ROM once again, you can also install the Modem file on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 N5100 through the ODIN program “Each device has its own Modem files”, or if the file got a large damage and there is no solution to correct it, you can go to maintenance store & the technician fix it with BOX device, It is very expensive.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 N5100 EFS File

Before you begin, it is important to have all the tools at hand:

  1. Open Z3X BOX software setup

2. Select model number of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 N5100

3. Connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 N5100 via USB cable & Enable USB Debugging:

  • Go to Settings> About phone
  • Find the build number and press 7 times on it
  • Return to the previous screen. You will see that a line has appeared: “Developers Options
  • Press & check “USB Debugging

4. Select ADB and Click write EFS

5. Select N5100 EFS File you downloaded, & click Open

6. The EFS Flash start automatically, wait until finish & your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 N5100 reboot and your problem solved.


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