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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Combination ROM


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Combination ROM file is a raw ROM for engineers and developers to run the device & can fully read and test the equipment of the device. It is also similar to the Service menu and shows the complete device information.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Combination ROM used for reasons of advanced maintenance:

  • The technician or the developer can fully read and test the equipment of the device and is considered as the service menu.
  • Downgrade Your device, install software system Android version older than the current version.
  • Unlock the device protection with the Google Account Google FRP.
  • Fixed the root device key-DRK problem.
  • Fix the problems of stopping Samsung device in the Recovery Mode.
  • Fix the problems of stopping Samsung device in the Samsung logo.
  • Fixed problems with the IMEI serial number.

How to check Combination file compatibility with your device


FA80=Android Oreo 8…
FA70=Android Nougat 7…..
FA60=Android Marshmallow 6…
FA51=Android Lollipop 5.1
FA50=Android Lollipop 5.0
FA44=Android KitKat 4.4
FA43=Android Jelly Bean 4.3
FAJP=Android Jelly Bean

O=2015 / P=2016
Q=2017 / R=2018

A=January / B=February / C=March / D=April / E=May / F=June
G=July / H=August / I=September / J=October / K=November/ L=December

1=Revision 1 / 2=Revision 2 /  3=Revision 3  / 4=Revision 4 / 5=Revision 5 / 6=Revision 6 / 7=Revision 7 / 8=Revision 8 / 9=Revision 9 / A=Revision 10 / B=Revision 11 / C=Revision 12 / D=Revision 13 / E=Revision 14 F=Revision 15

N910VVRU2APB1 Combination File
N910UXXU1AOH1 Combination File
N910UXXU2AOJ1 Combination File
N910T3UVU1AOF2 4.4.4 Combination File
N910T3UVU1AOF2 Combination File
N910TUVU2AOF1 Combination File
N910R4TYU1ANK2 Combination File
N910PVPU4AOG1 Combination File
N910HXXU1AOH1 Combination File
N910HXXU2AOJ1 Combination File
N910GDTU1AOH1 Combination File
N910FXXU1ANL1 Combination File
N910CXXU1AOJ1 Combination File
N910CXXU2AOJ1 Combination File
N910AUCU2AOF1 Combination File

Flash Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Combination ROM

1- Restart Your Device in DOWNLOAD MODE

  • Turn off your Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  • Press and hold the Volume Down+ Home button + Power button at the same time for 3-4 seconds.
  • Once the warning “WARNING!” Is displayed, release the three keys and then press the “Volume up button ” to Continue.

2- Connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to your PC via the USB cable

3-Run the “Odin” file as an administrator.

4-Check that the USB port number is displayed
5-Click on “AP” and import the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Combination ROM file.

6- Click “Start” to begin the installation.

7- Once the message “PASS!” Displayed, unplug your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from your PC.


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