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How to Use SN Writer tool to Repair IMEI on MediaTek phones

SN Write tool

SN Write Tool is a tool from MediaTek that allows you to write or flash original IMEI on Android devices. SN Write support flash Single IMEI or multiple IMEI up to 4 IMEI.

If you lose our IMEI and NVRAM in your MediaTek After flashing a ROM Firmware, Upgrading, installing root… SN Write helps you repair your IMEI, Wi-Fi MAC address, serial number, Bluetooth address, Barcode, WiFi Eppcopy & DRM key MCID, or if you want to remove IMEI lock option.

The process is quick and easy. in this article, we show how to write, change or repair the IMEI for any MediaTek smartphone with SN Write Tool

Download SN Write Tool

Before you begin, it is important to have all the tools at hand. you will need:

SN_Write_Tool_v2.1504.00 Latest Version Download link
SN_Write_Tool_v2.1452.00 Download link
Download link
SN_Write_Tool_v2.1436.00 Download link
SN_Write_Tool_v1.1728.00 Download link
SN_Write_Tool_v1.1716.00 Download link
SN_Write_Tool_v1.1712.00 Download link
SN_Write_Tool_v1.1648.00 Download link
SN_Write_Tool_v1.1640 Download link
SN_Write_Tool_v1.1636.00 Download link
SN_Write_Tool_v1.1632.00 Download link
SN_Write_Tool_v1.1620.00 Download link
SN_Write_Tool_v1.1604.00 Download link
SN_Write_Tool_v1.1552.00 Download link
SN_Write_Tool_v1.1544.00 Download link
Download link
SN_Write_Tool_v1.1532.00 Download link
SN_Write_Tool_v1.1528.00 Download link
SN_Write_Tool_v1.1520.00 Download link
SN_Write_Tool_v1.1516.00 Download link

How to Use SN Write Tool

1- unzip the tool SN Write Tool

2- Click on SN Writer.exe to Open the tool

3- The tool will run and show you the following screen:

SN Writer tool

4- Click on ComPort and select USB VCOM.

5- Click on Target Type and select Smart Phone

6- Now, click the Config Button.

7- In the System Config:

  • Select IMEI, BT Address& Wifi Address in the Write Option list
  • If you have a single SIM smartphone, don’t select anything. but if you have a dual-sim smartphone then you need to select Dual IMEI option,
  • Add “MD1_DB” and “AP_DB” (each of the files comes with the official flash or official ROM
  • Click the Save button.

8- Now, click the Start button.

9- You need to write all required address: IMEI_1, IMEI_2, BT Addr & Wifi Addr and click OK.

10- Turn OFF your MediaTek device & connect it to PC via USB cable and the IMEI writing automatically starts:

11- When IMEI writing finished, a Pass message will appear in green.

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